General Educational Development or GED certificate is issued by your state upon completion of the GED indicating that you have earned your high school equivalency. Holding a high school equivalency credential brings about numerous GED benefits for your future.

Moreover, many people are trying to earn a GED diploma aiming for job opportunities because according to a survey conducted in the U.S, only about 27% of jobs don’t require a GED or diploma. Although there are some jobs you can apply for without a high school diploma or GED, most employers have been seeking ideal candidates who possess a GED or high school certificate. So many people are wondering what jobs you can get with a GED.

Many traditional and new jobs with an average salary will be raised in this blog. If GED holders have confidence and are willing to enhance their skills, they are qualified for any of those jobs. Let’s see a list of jobs with a GED diploma right now! You’ll be surprised by what appears ahead.


1.How Many Jobs Accept GED Applicants?


As you know, some of the industries employ individuals with a GED. Let us walk you through the national average for your employment opportunities. According to a report published by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2014, 27% of jobs could be pursued without a high school diploma or GED, whereas 39% of jobs required applicants to have a high school diploma or GED. In other words by 2014, typically 66% of jobs were options for individuals with a GED. 

Note that the rate of employer for individuals without a diploma or GED may vary slightly from state to state. For instance, over 30% of jobs do not require a GED or high school diploma in Hawaii and Nevada. In contrast,  a number of states also have a higher rate of employment for individuals with a GED or high school diploma. For example, Kentucky, Wyoming and Utah are all examples of states that have over 41% of their workforce in jobs that require one of these credentials.

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2. What are the best jobs with a GED


what jobs can you get with a ged
There are actually plenty of career paths you can pursue with only a GED or equivalent qualification.

After high school, many people decide to pursue a career path instead of continuing their educational path at college. There are actually plenty of career paths you can pursue with only a GED or equivalent qualification. This blog will list  20 of the highest paying jobs with a GED you can qualify for. The most up-to-date salary information for each job title is based on Indeed. Let’s check it out!


2.1. Landscaper


  • Average base salary: $17.09 per hour


  • Core duties: Outdoor spaces like parks, gardens, and golf courses are designed and maintained by a landscaper. Landscapers can work for themselves or for a small company that employs other landscapers or groundskeepers. Their main responsibilities include collaborating with landscape architects and designers to meet client expectations, planting bushes, flowers, plants, and shrubs, applying fertilizer and pesticides, carrying out general maintenance tasks like trimming branches, weeding, and clearing walkways, and giving clients advice on how to care for the landscape.


2.2. Optician


  • Average base salary: $18,28 per hour


  • Core duties: An optician employs prescriptions provided by optometrists or ophthalmologists to design, check, and fit eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other optical aids. Along with optometrists or ophthalmologists, opticians may work in private practice or at vision care facilities. Their duties include using a patient’s prescription to produce and fit lenses, adjusting frames to ensure a comfortable fit, educating patients about optical products, and getting in touch with insurance companies to get payment information.


2.3. Sheet metal worker


  • Average base salary: $18,32 per hours


  • Core duties: A sheet metal worker creates, installs, and fixes things including heating ducts, gutters, and siding that are formed of thin metal sheets. The typical workplaces for sheet metal workers include metal shops, manufacturing facilities, and building sites. Their main responsibilities include choosing the appropriate material for each task, drilling holes for screws, rivets, and bolts, and performing any necessary adjustments on the job site.


2.4. Private investigator


  • Average base salary: $23.88 per hour


  • Core duties: To deliver information to customers, a private investigator seeks for cues and does research. Missing person searches, background checks, and surveillance operations are all common uses for private investigators. Law companies, businesses, and people are their potential clients. One of a private investigator’s main duties is interviewing potential witnesses, legally acquiring data that can be used as evidence in court, and looking into online crimes including identity theft and unlawful downloading.


2.5. Power plant operator


  • Average base salary: $21,42 per hour


  • Core duties: The systems that produce and supply electric power are under the management of a power plant operator. Coal, gas, hydroelectricity, solar, wind, and nuclear energy are some of these systems. The basic responsibilities of a power plant operator include assessing equipment to search for operational issues, monitoring the flow of energy by reading meters, gauges, and charts, controlling the flow of power by modifying controls, and starting or stopping generators as needed.



2.6. Mail carrier


  • Average base salary: $27,06 per hour


  • Core duties: In cities, towns, and rural areas, a postal carrier delivers letters, postcards, and packages to homes and businesses. The United States Postal Service employs mail carriers as federal workers. Some of their main responsibilities include sorting mail for delivery, collecting up and distributing mail via mail truck or on foot along a predetermined route, obtaining signatures for registered, insured, and certified deliveries, and responding to client inquiries. 


2.7. Carpenter


  • Average base salary: $23,03 per hour


  • Core duties: A carpenter uses wood and other materials to construct, install, and repair building frameworks such as walls, doors, and flooring. Carpenters also create wooden models, instruments, cabinets, and furniture. Reading blueprints and designs, measuring and precisely cutting wood, plastic, and other materials, and fixing harmed wood fixtures and structures may be their main responsibilities. Carpenters frequently work for themselves, though they may also work for contractors or building firms.


2.8. Commercial pilot


  • Average base salary: $29.89 per hour


  • Core duties: A commercial pilot flies helicopters and airplanes that carry passengers and freight to predetermined locations. Commercial pilots frequently work for airlines, courier services, medical facilities, corporations, and the federal government. Prior to takeoff, they must ensure that the aircraft is safe to fly. They also must ensure that the cargo has been loaded correctly and that the aircraft’s weight is balanced. While in the air, they must keep an eye on fuel levels and weather conditions, and they must communicate with air traffic control to get takeoff and landing instructions.


2.9. Firefighter 


  • Average base salary: $15,59 per hour


  • Core duties: Controlling and putting out fires are the duties of a firefighter. Firefighters typically serve the municipal, state, or federal government and respond to emergencies when lives, property, or the environment are at risk. Driving fire trucks and other emergency vehicles, using tools like hoses and water pumps, rescuing people from perilous circumstances, attending to the injured, and cleaning and maintaining emergency vehicles are among a firefighter’s principal responsibilities.


2.10. Electrician 


  • Average base salary: $26.22 per hour


  • Core duties: Electrical systems for lighting, communications, appliances, and control are designed, installed, and maintained by electricians. In addition to thoroughfares and public spaces, these systems may be found in residential, commercial, or industrial structures. Electricians might work for large corporations, small enterprises, or they can work for themselves. They must follow the National Electrical Code and other relevant safety and regulatory requirements, as well as read blueprints and building plans, diagnose and fix electrical issues, use tools like wire strippers, conduit benders, and voltmeters, and read blueprints and building plans as part of their job.


2.11. Plumber


  • Average base salary: $26,30 per hour


  • Core duties: In both residential and commercial buildings, a plumber installs and maintains water, sewage, and gas pipes in addition to plumbing fixtures like sinks and toilets. Typically, plumbers work for small enterprises, larger establishments like airports or schools, or they are self-employed. They must check, troubleshoot, and fix pipes and plumbing fixtures, unclog drains and toilets, give customers cost estimates, and ensure that their work complies with building codes and appropriate safety standards.


2.12. Insurance Sales Agent


  • Average base salary: 24.11 per hour


  • Core duties: Customers can purchase a variety of insurance products from an insurance sales agent. Typically, insurance brokers or companies employ insurance sales agents. They are primarily responsible for generating new leads, organizing appointments, describing the characteristics of various insurance products, and conducting interviews with potential clients to establish their insurance needs.


2.13. Massage therapist


  • National average: $57.12 per hour


  • Core duties: A massage therapist works on a client’s muscles and soft tissues to help with relaxation, pain relief, stress reduction, and other goals. Massage therapists frequently practice in hospitals, spas, gyms, or clients’ homes. They must collaborate with their patients to create a therapy plan, comprehend a patient’s medical background and current injuries, record treatments, and collaborate with physicians and physical therapists as part of a patient’s overall recovery program. Although a GED is all that is needed to pursue certification, massage therapists do need to be certified.


2.14. Truck Driver


  • Average base salary: $26.98 per hour


  • Core duties: Transporting products with a tractor-trailer or large truck is the responsibility of a truck driver. Truck drivers may be employed by a trucking firm, own or rent their own truck, or work for themselves as independent contractors. Their main responsibilities include ensuring that cargo is loaded onto the truck safely, checking the vehicle to ensure it is roadworthy prior to departure, keeping track of the amount of hours and miles traveled, and adhering to all applicable federal and state rules.


2.15. Real Estate Appraise


  • Average base salary: $ 25,07 per hour


  • Core duties: Before a piece of property is sold, developed, insured, mortgaged, or taxed, a real estate appraiser determines its worth. A real estate appraiser’s duties include inspecting properties and noting any uncommon or distinctive features, creating reports on the value of the property, and confirming the accuracy of the property’s public legal record. While real estate appraisers can work on their own, they frequently work for banks or mortgage firms.



2.16. Florist


  • Average base salary: $15,50 per hour


  • Core duties: For special occasions like weddings, funerals, and holidays, florists grow, arrange, and sell flowers and floral arrangements. Both the floral section of a grocery store and a flower shop may hire florists. Knowing about plants and flowers, including their growth and maintenance, is necessary for this employment.


2.17. Barista


  • Average base salary: $13,83 per hour


  • Core duties: A barista prepares and serves food like sandwiches, muffins, and cookies along with beverages like coffee and tea. A barista is responsible for serving customers and keeping the establishment tidy. They receive training while they are employed.


2.18. Security Guard


  • Average base salary: $15,35 per hour


  • Core duties: A security guard keeps an eye on the structure and the secured area to ensure their safety. A security guard’s typical responsibilities include maintaining surveillance equipment, inspecting facilities, dealing with trespassers, and granting or denying admission. Security personnel must be physically healthy and correctly demonstrate high attention to detail. Typically, on-the-job training is offered.


2.19. Server


  • Average base salary: $15,36 per hour


  • Core duties: Servers take orders from patrons, respond to questions about the menu, sell food and beverages, handle payments, and communicate requests to the kitchen staff. A server is in charge of providing excellent customer service and ensuring that things operate properly in the establishment. Work that is necessary includes training.


2.20. Dog Walker


  • Average base salary: $17,28 per hour


  • Core duties: It is the responsibility of dog walkers to take dogs for walks and/or playtime outside. Dogs should be fed, given water, and then taken for a stroll. They frequently work for an agency or have multiple clients at once. Dog walkers must feel at ease handling and caring for a variety of dog breeds in order to perform their job duties. For this profession, previous experience with animals is a plus.

If you aren’t interested in any job listed above, don’t worry. Earning a GED is a stepping stone that allows you to attend a college education that may lead you to a brighter future with any job you want. The initial step to all of this begins with holding your GED.


3. How Can You Prepare For The GED Tests?


jobs you can get with a ged
Start your study right now to enjoy a better job with a high salary!

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Many jobs with a GED are proposed in this paper. Hopefully, you can find a suitable and favorite job for yourself after reading carefully! Follow us to take more useful information about the GED.