The GED (General Education Development) – a high school equivalency certificate – offers an alternative chance to those who have been unable to graduate from high school. Possessing a valid GED diploma helps you to get access to a number of fulfilling and well-paid jobs or enter an expected college for higher education. To get a valuable certificate, you need to succeed in the GED test that requires a set of skills and knowledge surrounding 4 separate high-school subjects (Language Arts, Science, Mathematical Reasoning, and Social Studies).


In general, test-takers need to get well-prepared in advance and do a lot of online mock tests before taking an actual test. However, nowadays, hundreds of firms provide fake GED certificates which are worthless pieces of paper for huge fees with no educational value in order to defraud and take advantage of gullible people. Thus, in this article, we will clarify “Should you get a fake GED certificate? ” and “ How to spot and verify a fake GED certificate”?  Keep reading to protect yourself from fake GED certificates. 


1. Should You Get A Fake GED Certificate? 


Many diploma mills have been trying to take advantage of those who want their GED certificate without any effort and only provide fake tests and certificates. However, let’s pay attention to the points below to consider whether you should equip yourself with an unreal degree. 

fake ged certificate
The Fake GED Certificate is almost identical to the authentic one.

1.1. Do fake certificates work? 


Some people are wondering whether fake GED certificates work. Definitely, the answer is “NO”. Thus, one of the reasons for condemning fake GED certificates is that it is invalid in any circumstances. 


1.2. What happens if you fake a GED diploma?


fake Ged certificate
All of the fake diplomas will get rejected.

What’s more, either purchasing or using a fake GED certificate is one of the illegal activities that might give you a bad reputation. Additionally, unless students use an authentic GED credential, they might be kicked out of school. Furthermore, it seems that a fake diploma likes a ticket to a better life for many people who use it to convince employers that they’re qualified for different jobs. 

Nevertheless, employers may verify the diploma’s authenticity, and when they discover that it is fake, you may get the sack or even worse. It’s crucial to remember that your diploma may be fake, but the knowledge you have isn’t. 

Thus, why do you need to pay for a worthless paper when it’s easy to get an official state-issued diploma. Let’s take more GED Practice Test every day to perfect your skills and knowledge before taking real tests and you don’t need to worry about how to get a fake GED certificate. 

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2. How do Employers Verify a Real GED Diploma’s Applicants? 


As you know, there are numerous resources for creating fake certificates and candidates easily possess an authentic-looking paper by paying a fee of around $60. So if you are an employer, let’s follow all of the information listed below to recognize a real applicant’s GED degree: 


  • Complete name used when the GED was received.
  • Date when the GED was received.
  • State where the GED was issued.
  • Test center location (may be required for certain states).
  • The applicant’s DOB or SSN may also be required for verification.
  • Certificates may be required for certain states.
  • A signed release or a small fee may also be a requirement of the agency for verification


3. How To Spot A Fake GED Certificate?


3.1. Can you take the GED test at home?


Actually, No. If any website states that you can easily earn a GED certification online from your own home, you will absolutely stumble across a fake high school diploma mill. Be alert! Unlike some formal high school degrees, which can be earned online, GED certification must be obtained in person. The GED Testing Service, a venture between the American Council on Education and Pearson, is the only nationally recognized facilitator for the national GED test. Thus, no other institution currently legally administers the GED tests.


3.2. Where can I take a GED test?


According to GED Testing Service President Randy Trask, the official GED test can only be given in person at an official testing center, usually a community college or other non-profit educational organization. Websites that claim otherwise are scams.



3.3. Isn’t the GED test taken online?


Although the GED test is available as an online or written test, the one taken only at an official testing center is accepted. You will need to travel to an approved testing site where your ID will be checked and you will be supervised while taking a computerized (online) version of the GED. 

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3.4. How much does the GED test cost?


In fact, the GED test cost varies from state to state, but it is typically less than $120. Meanwhile, diploma mills typically charge you around $249 or more for an online GED test and a fake certificate, however, all you get is a worthless piece of paper. Thus, let’s become wise test-takers.  

To sum up, this article has helped you answer the question “Should you get a fake GED certificate?”. We hope that this article will assist you in avoiding a fake diploma as well as fraudulent degree mills.