The following is an excerpt from a speech given by President Bill Clinton concerning Internet commerce on July 1, 1997.
“Because the Internet has such explosive potential for prosperity, it should be a global free trade zone. It should be a place where government makes every effort, first...not to stand in the way, to do no harm. We want to encourage the private sector to regulate itself as much as possible. We want to encourage all nations to refrain from imposing discriminatory taxes, tariffs, unnecessary regulations, cumbersome bureaucracies on electronic commerce. “

According to Clinton's speech, what is the role of government in Internet commerce?

B. to support a global free market


The president calls for a "global free trade zone" in which government does "not stand in the way." A regulatory structure, (A), tariffs supporting American businesses, (C), and new laws negotiated between nations, (D), would be stepping in the way of the free market, so you can eliminate these answers and select (B).

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