The paper will provide you numerous frequently asked questions about GED in the District of Columbia (also known as Washington, D.C. or simply D.C.) including standard requirement, testing fee, payment, retake policies, and so on.  Keep reading till the end to learn more about many helpful information!

1. About GED in the District of Columbia 


GED District of Columbia
Learn more about GED in the District of Columbia


1.1. Do I need to schedule separate appointments for each of the GED® exam subjects, or may I take them all at once?


If you can locate a testing facility with convenient hours, you can take all test participants in the District of Columbia on the same day.


1.2. Is the GED® test available in other languages? Can I get credentials by combining languages?


Yes, you may take the exam in English or Spanish in the District of Columbia, but you cannot get your certificate by combining two separate languages.


1.3. What will happen if I relocate to another state in the middle of the testing? Do I have to restart my testing in my new state or can I continue it there?



It depends whether there is a residence requirement in that state. Verify the state’s residence requirements, and don’t be afraid to ask the GED Administrator™ there any questions.

You must be a resident, have a court order, or be enrolled in the Job Corps in order to take the GED® exam in the District of Columbia.


1.4. Who is the GED Administrator™ in the District of Columbia?


Philip PremDas

State GED Administrator™/Chief Examiner for the District of Columbia

GED™ Program Office

Postsecondary and Career Education


Office of the State Superintendent of Education

Government of the District of Columbia

One Judiciary Square, 441 4th Street NW, Suite 370N

Washington, DC 20001

Main: 202.481.3950

Direct: 202.741.5093


1.5. How old do I need to be to take the test?


In the District of Columbia, you must be 18 years old to take the test.


1.6. I’m under age 18. What do I need to do to take the test?


If you apply for and are granted an age waiver, you may take the GED® exam in the District of Columbia at the age of 16 or 17. You must meet one of the following requirements: 

  • You have submitted a Notice of Intent to Homeschool with OSSE and have a notarized letter of authorization to test from your parent or legal guardian stating that you have not attended a standard high school program for at least six months.
  • You are enrolled in a DCPS or DC Public Charter School-based educational program that offers academic preparation for GED® completion, and you have not attended a regular high school program for at least six months.
  • You are incarcerated or in a secure out-of-home placement under the juvenile justice system, and based on your current level of academic credits and the amount of time left in your compulsory education, it is reasonable to assume that you will not be able to finish a traditional high school diploma program.
  • You’ve enrolled in a federally mandated course designed to help youngs under the age of 18 prepare for the GED® exam.

For those testing on the Online Exam, To grant consent and give permission for the underage tester to be recorded during testing, a parent or guardian must be present at the pretest check-in. The exam session will be canceled if the parent or legal guardian is not present.


1.7. Do I have to provide proof that I live in the District of Columbia in order to take the exam?


District of Columbia GED
You must be a resident in the District of Columbia

Yes, you must be a resident, enrolled in the Job Corps, or under court order to take the GED® exam in the District of Columbia. A current driver’s license and other forms of residence identification are acceptable forms of residency evidence at the testing facility.

Please call the DC GED® Program Office at (202) 274-7173 if you have any more inquiries regarding proving your residence.


1.8. The closest testing center is in a different state. Can I take the test there?


Some states allow non-residents to take the GED® test, while others do not. Check the state’s residence requirements if you’re interested in taking the exam there.


1.9. Do I need to take a GED® class or receive instruction from a local prep center before I can take the test?


No, attending a GED® class is not necessary prior to taking the GED® exam.


1.10. Do I have to take the GED Ready® practice test before testing?


Yes, you must complete the GED Ready® Practice Test and receive a “Likely to Pass” or “Too Close to Call” score before taking the real exam.

Or, if you are a first-time student, a preparation program could offer you a letter of recommendation stating that you are prepared to take the exam based on results from prior tests and/or their expert judgment.

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2. GED’s  Price and Payment in District of Columbia


2.1. What is the cost of the GED® test?


The cost of the GED® exam in the District of Columbia is $3.75 each module.


2.2. How much will it cost me to test online?


For the online GED® exam, the District of Columbia costs $36 per subject. 


2.3. How can I make a test payment?


When scheduling your exam, you will pay for GED using a debit or credit card online.



3. GED Test Retake Policy in District of Columbia


3.1. How long must I wait before taking the test again if I don’t pass?


For the first 2 retakes of any subject in the District of Columbia, there is a 30-day waiting period. You must wait 60 calendar days before each retake after completing a test topic three times. There is no cap on the number of tests you can take annually.

You must take the GED Ready® and obtain a “likely to pass” or “too close to call” score in the subject you wish to retake in addition to the waiting period. Call the GED® Program Office in the District of Columbia at (202) 274-7173 if you have any queries.


3.2. How much does it cost to retake the GED‌®‌ test?

  • For those testing at center:

For each GED® test topic you purchase but don’t pass, you’ll get two reduced retakes. Before purchasing a test at full price, you have 365 days to use these retakes. The cost of the test subject goes back to standard pricing after two attempts at the discounted rate. You will be granted two further retakes at a discounted fee if you fail that subject again. Furthermore, retaking an exam is not subject to an extra charge in the District of Columbia.

  • For those testing on the Online Exam:

The District of Columbia charges $36 for a retake of the online proctored exam, which does not provide discounted retakes.


4. GED testing centers in DC


  • District of Columbia GED Testing (1 Judiciary Square, Ste 370N)

441 Fourth St NW, Washington, DC 20001, Phone: 202.481.3950


  • Insyte GED Test Center

901 N Pitt St (Ste 105), Alexandria, VA 22314, Phone: 703.535.8600


  • Evergreen Academy GED Testing Ctr

7700 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, VA 22003, Phone: 703.256.6060


  • Career Technology Center-Falls Church (Suite 106)

6269 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22044, Phone: 703.532.8898


  • Prince George’s Community Coll (Ctr for Advanced Technology, Rm 129) 

301 Largo Road, Largo, MD 20774, Phone 301.546.0702


  • Fairfax County Adult High School

6815 Edsall Road, Springfield, VA 22151, Phone: 703.658.2767


  • Montgomery College-Takoma Park/Silver Springs (Test Ctr, Student Service Bldg, Rm 323B)

7625 Fenton Street, Takoma Park, MD 20912, Phone: 240.567.1555


  • Sinteg Solutions GED Test Ctr

1880 Howard Avenue, Suite 301-A, Vienna, VA 22182, Phone: 703-847-3000

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5. Transcripts & Diploma


5.1. I passed the GED® test, but the District of Columbia won’t issue my diploma. What should I do?


For the purpose of satisfying requests for GED® transcripts and diplomas, the District of Columbia GED® Program has collaborated with GED Testing Service.

You will automatically obtain one free electronic diploma and one free electronic transcript after taking the GED® test. To obtain one free printed diploma, you must take action.

Once you have successfully completed all GED® exam topics and received your diploma, download links for your electronic diploma and transcript will be sent to the email address connected to your GED® account. 

Make careful to download your electronic papers immediately because these links are only accessible for a short period of time. Please, pay attention to the email’s directions. Since these PDF documents  can be forwarded to organizations like businesses and universities that recognize electronic credentials, they are extremely important. When a PDF file is opened with Blue Ribbon Security, it is validated by GED Testing Service/Parchment. The PDF’s blue ribbon icon serves as confirmation that the digital credential is legitimate, the document is real, and the credential’s contents have not been changed.

The printed diploma can be ordered in your GED® account at by taking the following steps: 

  • Log in your GED account at 
  • Go to My Scores and select Order Duplicates
  • Select the Diploma option
  • Select the Printed Diploma – Free option.
  • Answer the question about who and what address you want the diploma to be mailed to afterwards. 

The link for the free diploma will only be available once it has been used once. As a result, pay close attention to the instructions provided throughout the ordering process.


5.2. How do I request my transcript and diploma?


You can request your transcript and diploma here.


5.3. What is the GED® credential in my state called?


In the District of Columbia, the GED diploma is known as the District of Columbia State Diploma

In conclusion, a series of frequently asked questions about GED in the District of Columbia has been discussed seriously in this paper. Hopefully, you might find it helpful. Don’t forget to take our GED Practice Test Online now to score high in your GED exam!