In this paper, we help you clarify how to take the GED test online. Check it out!

The Ged standing for The Tests of General Educational Development is a series of 4 high school subtests including  Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts, which is designed for those who have been not able to complete a traditional high school program and want to earn a high-school equivalency credential.  Normally, before the summer 2020, aspiring candidates are required to take the GED test in person at a GED testing center. However, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the online GED test is accredited to mitigate the risk of infection for test takers. It should be noted that online testing requirements and availability are different depending on where you take the GED.


1. Can you take the GED test online at home?


Yes, definitely. The official Ged exam online is implemented as a wise response to Covid-19 Pandemic. However, let’s take a closer look at the table below to see some states’ testing requirements: 


State or Territory

Offers Online Testing

Age Requirements 



































2. How Much Is It To Take The Ged Test Online?


As you see above, the testing fee will vary among states. Let’s check Price and State Rules via to see exactly how much you need to pay for an online GED test.



3. What’s required To Take A Ged Test Online


You might be eligible for the GED test online if you meet all of the requirements such as age requirements or residency requirements which can vary depending on your state’s testing offering. Furthermore, here are additional requirements you need to meet in most states: 


3.1. Equipment requirements: Computer, Webcam, Internet


Firstly, you need to equip your computer or laptop with a webcam and stable internet connection to make sure your testing process will be conducted smoothly. 


3.2. Private Workspace


Secondly, your testing space is required to be private and quiet without any distractions in order for you to pay 100% concentration on your GED test. 


3.3. Government – issued ID


Thirdly, when you check in for your test, your government -issued ID will be verified.


3.4. “Green” GED Ready Score



take the ged test online from home
Take the GED READY SCORE on your practice test!

If you want to qualify for online GED testing, you must take a GED Ready Practice Test and score above 165 for each subject within the last 60 days. To prepare for the official practice test, let’s check how to study for the Ged.


4.How Does The Online GED Test Work?


4.1. Complete a system test 


You need to make certain that your computer, webcam and Internet connection, state-issued ID meet the requirements for the GED test. 


4.2. Schedule your online test


You will register with the GED Testing Service to schedule your online test within 60 days of scoring “Green” on a GED READY PRACTICE.


4.3. Verify system, I.D and workspace


Sign in to at least 30 minutes before your test appointment to launch your test. Then, follow the on-screen steps to check in for your test including verifying your system, I.D. and workspace. 


4.4. Take your test under the supervision of online proctor monitors. 


The online Ged test comprises 4 subtests: Math Practice Test, Science Practice Test, Social Studies Practice Test, and Reasoning Through Language Art Practice Test. Besides, you feel free to take these tests separately or all together.


5.What are the online GED Exam regulations?


When you take an online GED Test, make sure you follow strictly all of the rules listed below: 

  • Cheating is strictly forbidden.
  • You must be in a walled room with a private workspace, closed door. 
  • No one else is permitted to enter your room when you are taking the exam for any reason. 
  • Once your exam has started, you may not leave your work area for any reason 
  • A handheld calculator, scratch paper, physical notes or talking is not permitted.
  • Headphones and headsets (wired or Bluetooth) are not permitted unless explicitly approved. 
  • Personal items, mobile phones, headphones and watches must be out of reach. 
  • Your dress must be appropriate. 
  • You are not allowed to move your webcam when your testing session has started. 
  • No food and drinking allowed while testing. 



6.What are testing tools available? 


6.1. Technical Assistance

Whenever you encounter any technical issues with the online test, the proctors can assist you via on-screen chat. However, it should be noted that they cannot help you answer the questions related to exam content. 


6.2. On-screen Calculator


Although you can not be permitted to use handheld calculators, you can access an on-screen calculator during the exam. 


6.3. Onscreen Scratch Pad


An on-screen Scratch Pad is always available for you to take notes and perform math calculations. 


6.4. On-screen Whiteboard


Click the Whiteboard icon at the top of the screen anytime during your test to use the mouse to draw and write out math calculations.


how to take the ged test online
Using On-screen Whiteboard while testing

7.How long does it take to get the GED online? 


The online GED exam typically lasts about 8 hours. Right after you accomplish your test, you will receive your scores straightaway.  Your official GED certificate will be delivered via mail about 3 weeks afterwards. 


In conclusion, this paper provides you with necessary information you need to know when you aspire to take the GED test online. Take our GED Practice Test in order to ace the GED.