Two physical therapists have a total of 16 patients to see in one day. Marcie has to see 2 more patients than Lewis. How many patients will Marcie see?

A. 9


First, ballpark. If Marcie sees more patients, then she must see more than half of them. The answer must be more than 8, which eliminates every answer choice but (A). If you didn’t notice that, how could you have solved the problem? By Backsolving. Try (C) and say that Marcie saw 5 patients. If Marcie saw 2 more than Lewis, then Lewis saw 3 patients. When you add together Marcie and Lewis’s patients, you are supposed to have 16. Could this be the right answer? No way. You need a bigger number. Try (B). If Marcie had 7 patients, Lewis has 5, and this is still too small. The correct answer must be (A). 

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