The Smith family is going to take a vacation to Florida. They live in Illinois, and have figured out that the trip is 1,150 miles from their house to the hotel in Florida. They get 28 miles per gallon of gas. If a full tank of gas holds 20 gallons, about how many times with the Smith family have to stop for gas on their way to Florida?


First, compute how far the family can go in one full tank of gas:
Distance traveled with the first full tank = 28 * 20 = 560 miles
The first stop will be at 560 miles where they will refill the tank.
The second stop will be at 560 + 560 = 1120 miles where they will refill again.
The last stretch will be:
1150 - 1120 = 30 miles from the second stop
They would not need to gas up after the second stop, so there will be 2 stops only.

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