The Ionic Product of Water, \({K_{\rm{w}}}\), is the equilibrium constant for the reaction in which water undergoes an acid-base reaction with itself.
\({K_{\rm{w}}} = \left[ {{H_3}{O^ + }_{(aq)}} \right]\left[ {O{H^ - }_{(aq)}} \right] = {10^{ - 14}}at25{}^oC\)
The value of  Kw increases almost 75 times when temperature is increased from 0°C to 100°C .
According to the above equation, what type of behavior is shown by water?

(C) As Acid-base


As shown in the above equation, Water is donating proton and hydroxyl ion at the same time. So, water is behaving as an acid as well as base.
Alternative explanation:  Producing both the + and – for acid and base.

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