Jill gets paid different rates for working on different projects. She worked on one project Monday, Tuesday, and Friday of last week, and worked on the second project on Wednesday and Thursday of last week. Her hours spent working and pay rates are shown in the table above. What was the range of Jill's daily earnings last week?


To find the range, we need to find the difference between the greatest daily earning and the least. To do so, we must first calculate how much she earned each day. We will multiply the number of hours worked each day by the hourly rate for that day. 

On Monday, Jill earned \(6 \times \$ 15.00=\$ 90.00 \)

On Tuesday, Jill earned \(5 \times \$ 15.00=\$ 75.00\)
On Wednesday, Jill earned \(8 \times \$ 12.50=\$ 100.00\)
On Thursday, Jill earned \(7 \times \$ 12.50=\$ 87.50\)
On Friday, Jill earned \(4 \times \$ 15.00=\$ 60.00 \)
The range is: \(\$ 100.00-\$ 60.00=\$ 40.00\)

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