Consider the following information: Adriana wishes to sell her special cactus apple preserves in cans holding 296 cubic centimeters each. Her canning machine works only with cans 7.5 centimeters in diameter. She needs to know how tall the cans will be so she can get labels printed.
Assuming the labels must be 1 centimeter extra long to overlap and will be as tall as the can, what is the area of paper used for each label?

B. 164.5 square centimeters


The circumference of a can 7.5 centimeters in diameter is \(\pi d \approx 3.14 \times 7.5=23.55\) centimeters. Adding 1 centimeter for gluing overlap, this becomes 24.55 centimeters. The label area is \(24.55 \times 6.7=164.5\) square centimeters. Choice B is correct

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