Over a few decades, many students who were unable to receive a traditional high-school diploma have decided to earn an alternative standardized test namely “ THE GED – THE GENERAL EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT” to get a high school equivalency credential. 

Test-takers are required to pass a set of tests covering the four main high school subjects including Mathematical Reasoning, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science. Having passed the exam, some students might wonder about how to get their Ged Transcripts. Thus, we have published our article to clear this matter up. 


1.What is the similarity and difference between a GED diploma and an official GED transcript?


official ged transcripts
An Official Transcript

As far as the similarity is concerned, test takers will receive an Official Transcript and Diploma via email after they have passed the standardized Ged exam. Then, both of these documents are printed on copy-safe paper with a raised seal. Any effort to fax, copy or scan an official GED transcript or diploma will lead to  an “Unauthorized copy” or Fake Ged Transcript. 


As far as the difference goes,  your diploma is issued by a state upon your completion of the GED which only indicates whether you can be entitled to get a high school equivalency certificate or not. Meanwhile, your official GED transcript is a detailed record of your test results according to each subject you took. More specifically, a transcript normally includes Candidate Information, Test Results, Testing Jurisdiction.

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2. Do I need my Ged Transcripts ?


Yes, of course. Because applicants and candidates are often required to send a copy of their Ged Transcripts to their colleges and companies prior to acceptance and admission.



3.When will I receive a copy of my Ged Transcript?


After you pass the Ged exam, some states will send a copy of your e-diploma and e-transcript by email, whereas others send them via mail. Subsequently,  you should download and save them for your records. It should be noted that Adobe software (version 6.0 or higher) is asked to download this document. 


4.Where to get GED transcripts in person? 


Test takers can request their GED documents from these states or jurisdictions following:






Employer Program









Rhode Island

South Dakota

U.S. Virgin Islands





Washington DC



5. Can I get my Ged transcripts online for copies? 


Step 1: Access to GED.com and sign in 

  • If you accomplished the computer-formatted GED test after January 1, 2014, you will be requested to log in to your Ged account.


  • If you completed the paper-based GED exam before January 1, 2014, you’ll have to go to the ‘Transcript Request Page’ and select the area you took the GED exam. Then on the next screen, if you have already registered, please enter your Email and Password to the left and click Sign In. Nevertheless, you’ll have to go to the page “Register for an Account” if you need to Sign Up an account.


Step 2: Select what document(s) you expect to order. 

In case you want to place an order for multiple documents, you can select more documents before submitting your order.


Step 3: Enter the name of your transcript’s destination. 

You will have a variety of search options such as institution name, city, state, acronym, email address, and so on. If you want the transcript to be sent to yourself, just click on ‘Send to Yourself’.


If you come to your desired destination, just click ‘Select.’ If your wished destination doesn’t show up, select ‘Not Finding your Destination?’ next to the ‘Send to Yourself’ button after which you can continue the process.


Step 4: Wait for processing and e-mailing

When the Parchment system has found your records, the requested document(s) usually are sent within 24 hours. 


If the Parchment system cannot find your documents, or if the system finds multiple records, a Parchment support member will try to find your record(s) manually and email you to notify you of this problem.


6.Are free Ged transcripts available?


Actually, GED transcripts are not free of charge. Apart from in Kansas, where the GED transcript price is $20, a GED transcript typically costs $15. 

Ways to pay for your GED Transcripts
Many payment methods are accepted.


7.Why is my GED transcript order canceled ? 


You request is normally canceled because of one of the reasons following:  

  • You did not pass the GED exam. Let’s check GED Score.
  • You did not complete the GED exam.
  • Your transcript is not located. 


The email that you received will tell you why your order is canceled. In case you find the cancellation has been done in error. Please follow the key steps


  • Double-check the information you entered and resubmit the order if there was a difference. 
  • Please call 1-888-906-4031 if the information that you entered was correct.


8.How To Get GED Transcripts? 


If you have passed the GED and need to obtain your transcript, let’s follow our step-by-step instructions: 


how to get ged transcripts



8.1. Contact your test location or state:


Here are 3 measures proposed to help you keep in touch with your test location:


  • Call the testing center where you took the test and ask how to order a copy of your GED transcripts if you have their phone number. They will provide you with precise guidance on How to get Ged transcripts when you call the center  in operation. 


  • Search the official GED Testing Service site to order transcripts online. Almost every state possesses an online ordering system for GED transcripts.


  • Contact a community college which has information on how to get Ged transcripts for more support. The admissions office at the school will be glad to help you track down your GED transcripts if you have found a program to enroll in. 


8.2. Complete request form and pay fees


To place an order your GED transcript, you can take one of the approaches listed below as long as it is right for you: 


  • Fill out an online transcript request form for fast results by providing some vital information and creating an account through their online ordering system. 


  • Request your transcripts in person if you live nearby. Don’t forget to bring your identification information regarding your social security number or driver’s license, and a way to pay the fee. Furthermore, checks, money orders, or credit cards for payment are accepted. 


  • Complete a request by phone if your state has that option. You will need to provide your identification and credit card information. Finally, a service fee of $6 is added onto the transcript request fee in order to use this service. 


  • Mail in a request if your state requires it. You might download a transcript request form including all the necessary information – date of birth, social security number, phone number, address where it is sent – and mail it in along with your payment. 


8.3. Wait for your transcripts to be sent to you. 


Once you have a request form sent and a fee paid, you will need to wait 2-3 weeks for receiving your transcripts via mail. In case you need them faster, find out whether your state offers an expedited service or not. 



9. I placed an order for my transcript, but I haven’t received it. What should I do? 


Normally, almost all physical transcript orders take around 1-2 days to process and mail out and it will be delivered to you after 1 or 2 weeks. Thus, please keep calm and allow sufficient time for processing as well as shipping. 

Furthermore, in case of sending your GED transcript directly to a college or a firm, you may only get the option to send it electronically via email because some institutions or corporations do not want to receive paper transcripts. 

Besides, you’d better confirm that you have the correct information regarding recipient, administrator and school or company’s address prior to placing an order. 

To sum up, we hope that our article will provide you much helpful and updated information with the Ged Transcripts. If you have an upcoming GED test, let’s take more FREE GED PRACTICE TEST