Which of the following may be used to support the theory of evolution?


The fossil record shows us that organisms were never constant throughout the history of life on earth. Rather, they changed continuously, in response to environmental pressures. If we observe the fossil record bottom to top, we will see a gradual process of change in the shape and form of organisms, providing evidence that evolution is at play.
Vestigial organs are remnants of our ancestors, which remained in our bodies as we evolved. In such cases, our bodies didn’t evolve in ways that would use such organisms and hence, they lay idle inside our bodies. Their presence gives evidence for evolution because if a particular organ is serving absolutely no purpose in our bodies, it just shouldn’t be there. But they are. And the only possible explanation for this is that we actually inherited them from our ancestors.
Similar organisms share a lot of DNA. For example, although humans and chimps are different species, we share a whopping 96% of our DNA with them, which hints to the fact that we actually diverged from one species a long, long time ago – compelling evidence for evolution.

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