Emma needs to order liquid fertilizer for her landscaping company. She plans to keep the fertilizer in a large cylindrical storage tank, but isn’t sure how much it will hold. The tank is 10 feet tall and the circular base has a radius of 5 feet. What is the volume of her storage tank?

\(785 \mathrm{ft}^3\)


In cases where you are unsure of the correct formula to use, be sure to check the formula sheet that is provided for GED math questions. The formula for a cylinder is one of the provided formulas:

\(\begin{aligned} & V=\pi r^2 h \\ & V=\pi \times (5)^2 \times 10 \\ & V=250 \pi \end{aligned}\)

Recall that π (pi) is approximately equal to 3.14:

\(250 \times 3.14=785\)

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