UN peacekeeping forces are used when a neutral force is needed to ensure that a truce or peace agreement between two warring parties is enforced. The United Nations does not have any troops of its own and must rely on member countries to supply troops for its peacekeeping operations. As of March 2008, 113 countries were contributing a total of 88,862 military personnel to the UN. While the United States remains the largest financial contributor to the UN peacekeeping efforts, smaller, less wealthy nations supply the majority of the troops. The top five troop contributors to the United Nations are Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, Nigeria, and Ethiopia. As of February 2012, the UN had been involved in 63 peacekeeping operations, with 16 still in progress.

Which of the following statements identifies a similarity between UN forces and the military forces of individual countries?


Both UN forces and the military forces of individual countries are usually armed and sometimes engage in battle. The other statements give facts about UN peacekeeping forces that are not generally true of the military forces of individual countries.

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