This excerpt is from a speech by President Harry Truman:
Members of the Congress of the United States: The very existence of the Greek state is today threatened by the terrorist activities of several thousand armed men, led by Communists, who defy the government’s authority at a number of points, particularly along the northern boundaries... Meanwhile, the Greek Government is unable to cope with the situation. The Greek army is small and poorly equipped. It needs supplies and equipment if it is to restore the authority of the government throughout Greek territory. Greece must have assistance if it is to become a self-supporting and self-respecting democracy...The United States must supply that assistance.

Based on the excerpt, what event was Truman addressing when he made this speech?

D. the early stages of the Cold War


There is a key phrase in this document that states rebellion in Europe is "led by Communists." Communism characterized the Soviet Union during the Cold War and the Soviets attempted to gain influence in Europe by infiltrating European governments. The U.S. response was containment policy, which aimed to disallow the spread of communism beyond Soviet borders. This is called the Truman Doctrine, which set the stage for the Cold War. Choice (D) is correct

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