Review the following timeline:

1932 – FDR is elected to his first term as president.
1933 – FDR signs a law repealing Prohibition.
1936 – FDR is elected to a second term in office.
1940 – FDR is elected to a third term in office.
1941 – Japan attacks Pearl Harbor and the US enters WWII.
1944 – FDR is elected to a fourth term in office.
1945 – The US wins WWII.
1947 – The 22nd Amendment is introduced which limits presidents to two four-year terms.

What conclusion is supported by the information in the timeline?

A. The 22nd Amendment was a response to FDR’s unprecedented four terms in office.


The timeline shows that FDR was elected as President four times, and then the 22nd Amendment was introduced. It is reasonable infer that this Amendment was a response to FDR's four terms. There is no evidence supporting any of the other claims.

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