More than half of the population of the United States is female. But women occupy only 2% of the managerial positions. They have not even reached the level of tokenism yet. No women sit on the AFL-CIO council or Supreme Court. There have been only two women who have held Cabinet rank, and at present there are none. Only two women now hold ambassadorial rank in the diplomatic corps.
In Congress, we are down to one Senator and 10 Representatives. Considering that there are about 31⁄2 million more women in the United States than men, this situation is outrageous . . .Existing laws are not adequate to secure equal rights for women. Sufficient proof of this is the concentration of women in lower-paying, menial, unrewarding jobs and their incredible scarcity in the upper-level jobs. If women are already equal, why is it such an event whenever one happens to be elected to Congress?
—Excerpt from a speech by Congresswoman Shirley Chisholm delivered in 1969 on the floor of the House of Representatives as she reintroduced the Equal Rights Amendment for consideration

Based on the excerpt, which statement reflects Congresswoman Chisholm's opinion?

D. Lack of female representation in private business and in the federal government proves that women do not have equal rights.


The whole passage discusses the lack of female representation, supported with precise data and evidence.

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