Last month, the balance in Tisha's checkbook was \(\$1219.17\). Since then she has deposited her latest paycheck of \(\$2425.66\) and written checks for \(\$850.00\) (rent), \(\$235.89 \)(car payment), and \( \$418.37 \)(credit card payment).
What is the current balance in Tisha's checking account?


The paycheck would be added to the existing balance, and the checks written would be subtracted. The realistic amounts in the question would require considerable time for the arithmetic to be done by hand, but the values can be entered into the calculator in one continuous string as they are presented in the expression.
New balance = Old balance + Paycheck deposited - Checks written
New balance = \(1219.17 + 2425.66 - 850.00 - 235.89 - 418.37\)
New balance = \(\$2140.57\)

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