In the simple light show pictured, a light starts at the center (white) at time zero and moves once every second in the following pattern: from white (W) to blue (B), back to white, then to green (G), back to white, then to red (R), and back to white—in a counter-clockwise direction.

If the light continues to move in this way, what will be the color sequence from the 208th second to the 209th second?

white to red


Here’s the sequence up to the 12th second.
Every time you reach a time divisible by 6, the sequence starts over with W and proceeds: W-B-W-G-W-R. 204 is divisible by 6; hence, starting at the 204th second, here are the light’s movements through the 209th second.
As you can see, the movement from the 208th to the 209th second is from white (W) to red (R).

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