Consider the following information:

Newton’s second law is given by the equation:

 a = F/m


  • a is the acceleration of an object in m/s2 
  • F is the force applied to the object, and
  • m is the mass of the object being accelerated in kilograms. 

Recall that acceleration is the rate of change of velocity of an object; that is, 

a = v/t

Pick the best option for the blank:
A train with cars of equal masses is moving with constant velocity along a level section of track. The net force on the first car is _________ the net force on the last car.

A. equal to


According to the given situation, the velocity of the train is constant; so acceleration is also constant and the masses of the cars are the same. Therefore, the forces acting on the first and the last car of the train must be equal. Choice A is correct.

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