Bryce is the best player on his basketball team. During the first 8 weeks of the season, he scored on 65% of his attempts. For the following 4 weeks, Bryce scored on only 32% of his attempts. During the final 4 weeks of playoffs, Bryce practiced more and scored on 74% of his attempts. If Bryce made the same number of attempts each game, then what percent of his attempts during the entire season did he score?


The percentages given throughout the season represent Bryce's average scoring over those periods. To find his percentage for the entire season, you must combine the 65%, 32%, and 74%. Each percentage represents a portion of the season. Multiply these percentages by the length of time over which they occured. \(65 \times 8=520 \) \(32 \times 4=128 \) \( 74 \times 4=296\)Since the question asks about the entire season, find the total number of weeks and the total of the new weighted values.

Total number of weeks: 8+4+4=16.

Total of the new weighted values: 520+128+296=944.

Divide the total weighted value by the total number of weeks to arrive at the percent of attempts that Bryce scored during the entire season: \(944 \div 16=59\)

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