Angelique has been in business for five years. In her first year, her profit was \(\$7560\). Her second year saw a profit of \( \$5300\). During her third and fourth years, she suffered a combined loss of \(\$8450\). Her fifth year saw a loss of \(\$4220\).
Which describes Angelique’s profit or loss for all five years combined?


Combine the numbers from the profitable years, and combine the numbers from the years Angelique suffered a loss:
\(\$7560 + \$5300 = \$12,860\) (profit)
\(\$8450 + \$4220 = \$12,670\) (loss)
Subtract losses from profits:
\(\$12,860 – \$12,670 = \$190\) (profit for all five years combined)

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