General Equivalency Diploma, usually abbreviated to GED, is referred to as an official state-issued document in the United States that shows its holders who did not complete high-school curriculum have similar skills to those who hold high school diplomas. GED credential might bring about more career options, job promotions, or further education. GED requirements might vary from state to state. In this article, we are going to provide you with a full breakdown of Nebraska GED. Let’s jump to it right now if you are interested in GED in Nebraska

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A Complete Guide On How To Get A Nebraska GED


1. Nebraska GED Requirements


In order to meet Nebraska GED requirements:

  • You must be at least 16 years old. However, strict additional requirements and some compulsory documents will be raised for those who are 16 or 17 years old. (Please read more below in the FAQs section)

More specifically, those who are 16 or 17 years old might be qualified for taking the GED test if they have already submitted the following information to the GED Administrator™, Nebraska Department of Education:

  • A completed NDE Form # 12-003, which is accessible at authorized GED® testing centers or the Nebraska Department of Education;
  • A letter in your own handwriting outlining the circumstances surrounding your decision to leave the regular school program and your motivation(s) for taking the exam;
  • A copy of your high school transcript from the most recent year you attended, showing the withdrawal’s official date and the class’s graduation date. Birth date verification will be accepted with transcripts that include the date. An authentic state driver’s license, photo ID card, passport, or a copy of your birth certificate, baptismal certificate, draft card, high school transcript, DD214 (discharge form), or military identification card may also be used to verify your age.
  • A 30-day waiting period waiver request has been received from an official of the previous secondary school attended, or there is documentation showing 30 days have passed after separation from that institution.

It should be noted that 16 & 17-year-old applicants might take testing on the Online Exam if their parent or guardian must be present at the pretest check-in so as to give consent and authorize to be recorded during testing. The exam session will be spoiled unless the parent or guardian is present. 

  • You have to attend a GED prep course before taking the GED test if you are under the age of 18.
  • You have resided in Nebraska for at least 30 days if you aspire to get a state-issued GED diploma. Nevertheless, non-residents might still take the GED exam.
  • You cannot already hold a high school diploma and cannot be registered for any other school program.
  • You don’t need to first take the GED Ready® Practice Test. However, this doesn’t count for online testing.


2. Nebraska GED Testing Centers


Here is a list of designated GED testing facilities in Nebraska. Let’s check the closest and most convenient testing site near you to take the GED exam.



Southeast Comm. Coll. – 4771 W Scott Rd – Beatrice – NE 68310 – Ph: (402) 228.8208GED in Nebraska



Chadron State College – 1000 Main St – Chadron – NE 69337 – Ph: (308) 635.6769



Central Comm. Coll. – 4500 63rd St – Columbus – NE 68601 – Ph: (402) 562.1206



Crete Public Schools – 325 E 9th St – Crete – NE 68333 – Ph: (402) 826.5228



Metropolitan Comm. Coll. – 835 N Broad St – Fremont – NE 68025 – Ph: (402) 721.2507/(531) 622.3000


Grand Island

Central Comm. Coll. – 3134 W Hwy 34 – Grand Island – NE 68802 – Ph: (308) 398.7481



Central Comm. Coll. – 550 Technical Blvd – Hastings – NE 68901 – Ph: (402) 461.2429



Central Comm. Coll. – 1215 30th Ave – Kearney – NE 68845 – Ph: (308) 338.4024



Central Comm. Coll. – 1501 Plum Creek Pkwy – Lexington – NE 68850 – Ph: (308) 324.8480



Southeast Comm. Coll – 8800 O St – Lincoln – NE 68520 – Ph: (402) 437.2626



McCook Comm. Coll. – 1205 E 3rd St – McCook – NE 69001 – Ph: (308) 345.8128



Nebraska Indian Comm. Coll. (Santee) – 415 N River Rd – Niobrara – NE 68760 – Ph: (402) 494.2311



Northeast Comm. Coll. – 801 E Benjamin Ave – Norfolk – NE 68702 – Ph: (402) 371.2020


North Platte

Mid-Plains Comm. Coll. – 1101 Halligan Dr – North Platte – NE 69101 – Ph: (308) 535.3618



Metropolitan Comm. Coll. – 5300 N 30th St – Omaha – NE 68111 – Ph: (531) 622.2204

Metropolitan Comm. Coll. South – 2801 Edward Babe Gomez Ave – Omaha – NE 68107 – Ph: (531) 622.4613

Creighton University EOC – 814 N 20th St – Omaha – NE 68102 – Ph: (402) 280.3300



WNCC-Harms Advanced Technology Ctr – 2620 College Park – Scottsbluff – NE 69361 – Ph: (308) 635.6738


South Sioux City

Northeast Comm. Coll.  – 1001 College Way – South Sioux City – NE 68776 – Ph: (402) 241.6400



Little Priest Tribal College – 601 E College Dr – Winnebago – NE 68071 – Ph: (402) 878.3302


The Nebraska GED Testing Locations might be adjusted and updated on a regular basis. Please inform us via Messenger at the bottom of the site if there is any adjustment. We appreciate your feedback. 


3. Nebraska GED Online


Addition to taking the four GED subtests at any official GED testing center, you might also sit for the online proctored (O.P.) GED exam. In order to be eligible for taking the online exam, you first must achieve the “GREEN” zone (likely to pass) score on the Nebraska GED ReadyTest which is available at the official GED website Furthermore, each GED Ready Test might charge you a fee of $6,99.


4. Nebraska GED Cost


In Nebraska, the entire GED exam including four discrepant subtests is $120 if you take the exam at one of Nebraska’s testing facilities. Besides, you might be offered a discounted rate of $10 for the test center fee for each subject retest. It should be noted that in order to get this discount, retesting needs to be taken within one year. After that, the full amount ($30 per subtest) will be due again.

On the other hand, you must pay $36 for each subtest on the GED exam online or $144 for the entire GED battery. Furthermore, you need to additionally count the cost of the required four GED Ready Tests, thus, your total will be $172 on average. 

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5. What’s On The Nebraska GED Test?


The computer-based GED (General Educational Development) exam is made up of four subtests measuring your level of high school knowledge. The four tests are in these subject fields: Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. You might take them separately or at a time. More information can be found in this article: What Is GED ?


6. Nebraska GED Scoring


ged online nebraska
Nebraska GED Scoring

GED exam is scored on a scale with a range from 100 to 200 


  • 100-144: below-passing score
  • 145-164: passing score (high school equivalency)
  • 165-174: college-ready score
  • 175-200: college-ready + college credit score

In order to pass the GED exam, you must achieve a minimum passing score of 145 on each subtest 


7. How To Register For The GED Test in Nebraska? 


Set up your account on the website GED Testing Service. After that, let’s schedule and pay for your test through the portal MyGED. 


8. Nebraska GED Benefits


According to the education department of Nebraska, 4,000 people take the GED exam yearly. In Omaha and Council Bluffs, there are over 25,000 adults who did not complete high school. Your work prospects will improve and opportunities to higher education institutions will be opened by earning your GED.


Many people’s lives will be improved by earning a GED diploma, and this site lists important Nebraska places where GED preparation classes are offered. Those with a high school diploma or GED can anticipate earning at least $9600 more per year than those without one.


9. Free GED Online Practice Tests In Nebraska


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Free GED Online Practice Tests In Nebraska

To get well-prepared for your GED exam, let’s brush up on your high-school knowledge through taking GED Online Practice Tests :


GED Language Arts Practice Tests

GED Science Practice Tests

GED Social Studies Practice Tests

GED Maths Practice Tests


10. FAQ About GED In Nebraska


10.1. How to get a GED in Nebraska?


Each of the four computerized GED exam subtests must be passed in order for students in Nebraska to get their high school equivalency (HSE) diplomas. The subject areas covered by these four subtests include math, social studies, language arts, and science.


10.2. What are the Nebraska GED testing requirements?


For those who did not finish high school, there is the GED exam. In Nebraska, test takers must be at least 16 years old. Nevertheless, there are stricter standards for test takers who are 16 or 17 years old, and they must also complete an approved prep course, which is not required of older test takers. Students don’t need to live in Nebraska to get a GED, but they must have spent at least 30 days there.


10.3. What is the GED cost in Nebraska?


While taking the Nebraska GED exam in a testing facility, the total cost is $120, or $30 for each individual subtest. The four GED Ready subtests, which cost an additional $28, should also be taken into account when calculating the total cost of the sub-exams when taken online ($144). You can choose to register and pay for one (or more) of the four GED exams at once.


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10.4. Can I retake the GED in Nebraska if I don’t pass a subject?


In Nebraska, you have to wait 30 days before retaking a subject area test if you fail it the first time. After the second retake, you must wait 60 days before testing once more.

Thanks to the Internet, people can quickly get ready for the GED exam. There are several options accessible, including online GED preparation courses, GED study materials, and GED practice tests. This makes it easier for you to study for the exam whenever and wherever it suits you.

If you prefer the setting of a classroom, you can enroll in GED preparation courses at your neighborhood college or adult education facility. Study guides can also be borrowed from the library or purchased from retailers, both online and offline.


10.5. Can I take the online Nebraska GED exam?


how to get a ged in nebraska
You will have the option to take your GED test online in Nebraska

Both online and in-person testing options are available for the Nebraska GED. Use our directory of Nebraska testing locations to find the one that will make on-site testing the most convenient for you.

Starting on September 1st, 2021, you will have the option to take your GED test online with a proctor (online).


10.6. How can I obtain a copy of my Nebraska GED test transcript?


Contact the GED Testing Service to request a copy of your Nebraska GED transcript.


10.7. How old do I need to be to sit for the Nebraska GED test?


You have to be 18 years of age in order to take the Nebraska GED test


10.8. Do I need to provide proof that I live in Nebraska in order to take the test?


Although there are no formal residency requirements in Nebraska, you must spend at least 30 days there before applying for a certificate.


10.9. The closest testing center is in a different state. Can I take the test there?


Some states allow non-residents to take the GED® test, while others do not. Check the state’s residence requirements if you’re interested in taking the test there.


10.10. Do I need to take a GED® class or receive instruction from a local prep center before I can take the test?


In Nebraska, those under the age of 18 must take a course before sitting for the GED® exam.


10.11. Do I have to take the GED Ready® Practice Test before testing?


  • For individuals taking a testing center’s in-person exam:

No, completing the GED Ready® practice test is not necessary prior to taking the actual GED® test.

  • For individuals taking O.P. GED exam:

You must take the GED Ready® Practice Test before taking the online GED® test in order to pass.

In conclusion, this paper has already provided you with a brief overview of Nebraska GED. Hopefully, you might get your Nebraska High School Equivalency Diploma successfully with a flying score. Let’s then check how to study for the GED during prep for your examination right now!